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About us

Our Story

Har Tejas was started in 2021 with the aim of helping international chemical, polymers, life-science ingredients, metals & minerals distributors for procurement/sourcing of quality products from cost-efficient Indian producers. Our founder Sanjay, brought his thirty plus years of experience in the Indian chemical industry to form a team of knowledgeable experts and hard-working personnel dedicated to connecting Indian chemical manufacturers to the giants of international trade.

Focused on building sustainable business relations between choicest of Indian chemical manufacturers and international chemical distributors, HarTejas adopted a quintessentially Indian work ethic from its inception and made quality and reliability its core tenets.

Having secured not just business but also the confidence and praise of renowned chemical distributors across the globe, HarTejas has expanded not just within India but also outside our home market and started procurement from neighboring Asian countries China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, etc.


Through its wide and ever-growing network of over 450 quality producers, HarTejas caters to diverse product requirements of our international partners (distributors) of specialty & industrial chemicals, polymers, additives, life-science ingredients, metals & minerals.


Ours is a one-stop shop for our international partner’s needs. “You name it, we have it”.


We ensure that our international partners receive cost-efficient deals without compromising on product quality, while never foregoing the ethics of trade and protecting their interests. 


Be it a Kilo or Kilotons, it hardly changes our approach as our aim remains providing the best services customized according to our international partner’s requirements. 



HarTejas is a Sanskrit word meaning “The Splendor of Lord Shiva” (The God of Cosmic Time).  HarTejas was used by ancient Indian scientists to refer to quicksilver/ mercury, the first metal to be used in alchemical practices.


The logo of HarTejas shows the Bael leaf offered in the

adoration of the Lord Shiva, has chemical and medicinal

properties. It also symbolizes our ethical business values.

Brought to life by Sanjay Poddar, with 16 years of Sourcing experience, HarTejas is the industry leader in sourcing a variety of chemicals, life science ingredients, Polymers, metals & minerals.

We customize services as per our international partner’s requirements and ensure to make the business process smooth at all ends. 


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